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VITA Eos Micro–Enjoy the little things in life


That snowflake landing in your palm on a crisp winter day. That smell of the spring blossoming flowers. That seashell you still keep to remind you of summer. That sound of rustling leaves in the autumn breeze. Life is made of moments; it’s made of all those small things that make the moments big. And this is what VITA Eos Micro echoes: Enjoy the little things in life–they make the moments big!

With its ‘petite’ allure and cute charm, the new VITA Eos Micro is the smallest version of the VITA Eos family of lampshades. Don’t be tricked by its dainty look–this goose feathers lampshade is definitely a big design, perfect for making a subtle statement, yet a lasting image about any interior décor.

“Not only that the now famous Eos feather lamp is the proof of how tactile products can make a difference, but by making the Eos lamp tiny, small and round, the Eos Micro becomes even more cuddly, so you just have to touch and hold it in your arms. Place it anywhere close by and it can provide you with just the right ambience and cosiness for your romantic evening. It's instant love!”, thinks Soren Ravn Christensen, Founder and Chief Creative Developer, and the designer behind the VITA Eos lampshade family.

An epitome of beauty and elegance, the VITA Eos Micro will be an enchanting centrepiece on the coffee table or desk, as well as a great addition to any cosy corner or little space missing a distinctive look. For a creative and playful touch, the VITA Eos Micro lamps can be used in exquisite pairs, or they could be mixed and matched with different other sizes and colours of the VITA Eos lampshade family to obtain beautiful decorative clusters.