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It’s all about that VITA Tripod Base

Batman had Robin. Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson. VITA lampshades have VITA Tripods. Everyone needs a great companion and that perfect match. With this thought in mind, we designed the VITA Tripod Base, the newest addition to our tripods collection.

It’s all about flexibility

The VITA Tripod Floor and the VITA Tripod Table let you turn any lampshade into a floor or table lamp in just seconds. But how about that lampshade you want to have on the floor or that tiny lamp that needs a ‘petite’ tripod? The VITA Tripod Base is just the answer! With an ingenious construction, the VITA Tripod Base is an adjustable 2-in-1 tripod. Its elegant and sturdy legs can be placed either in a ‘low’ or in a ‘high’ position, making it a versatile design for multiple lamps and purposes. Twist, transform and be creative!

“Quite often, having secondary lighting close by and in places where you would like to have that tranquil flickering candlelight atmosphere, such as next to the bed, in the windowsill or on the carpet in the living room, is not possible for obvious hazard reduction reasons. The VITA Tripod Base solves these impediments and provides you with not just one very low position for holding your cosy light shade, but also another slightly higher position for putting on your desk, night stand or similar places. It's brilliant!”, explains Soren Ravn Christensen, Founder and Chief Creative Developer.

It’s all about design

The VITA Tripod Base combines its ingenious functionality with a bold and minimalistic design. The sleek and elegant look evokes the Scandinavian feel and aesthetics. Made of aluminium, and available in both a black and a white finish, the VITA Tripod Base offers great stability yet is light in weight. In a contemporary finish and a subtle industrial tone, this small and practical tripod becomes more than just an accessory for the lamp–the perfect match to light up that dark corner in the room.

Either in a living room, dining room, office or bedroom, the VITA Tripod will make a statement while bringing the best of any lampshade. Just decide if you want it ‘high’ or ‘low’, combine it with a beautiful lamp and let it shine!