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From fashion to interior design – Why feathers are the new black!

 Photo credit: Impulse_bc

Don’t ruffle your feathers yet! This season is all about the beauty and hype of the plumage, and the world’s leading fashion brands and designers know it. They are not the only ones.

If there’s one trend that can create a “wow” effect and a jaw-dropping reaction, then it’s definitely the use of feathers in fashion, from catwalks to red carpets. The renowned Valentino’s fall/winter 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection has light brown feathers as the star of the runway, and also the luxury fashion house DAKS made no exception in their fall/winter collection this year, following the stunning light grey plumage accents in their spring/summer catwalk last year. At the 2016 Met Gala, one of the most exclusive social and fashion events, the famous British singer Rita Ora made a splash in an exquisite grey-feathered gown designed by Vera Wang. Needless to say that she was featured on the “best dressed” list.

Feathers are no longer reserved only for haute couture and red carpets. Interior designs can attain the same splendour and “wow” effect with our VITA Eos family of lampshades. Made from soft natural goose feathers, the Eos has a mesmerizing beauty and creates a chic design statement. Inspired by the charm of the subtle earth tone notes found in the Nordic nature, the VITA Eos family is available in white, light brown, and – newly released – light grey, so it can complement and bring out the very best in any interior décor.

Feathers are definitely the new black and a trend to stay! And why wouldn’t they?! Feathers allude to elegance and sophistication, they mirror style and confidence, sensuality and refinement. Feathers symbolize the wild and free spirit, and inspire to reach higher and dream bigger. They add texture and beauty to any design, they speak to multiple style personalities, and they encourage to let the imagination fly.

Either in interior design or in fashion, plumage accents are not only a hype and poetic phenomenon, they are a timeless trend. They say diamonds are forever. We feel the same about feathers.

Photo credit: Valentino