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Let’s take a walk through the peaceful forests…

Breathe in the fresh crisp air. Listen to the sound of the wind playing with the leaves. Admire the small, delicate acorns lying at the roots of the majestic oaks. This is a memory you want to keep! It’s simple and picturesque – just like our brand new VITA Acorn, a lamp that will make sure to keep that magical memory close to your heart and in your home.

Resembling the delicate nut, and with a classy and exclusive look, the Acorn embodies the interior design trends for 2016, by combining a trendy glass look, raw metallic accents and a soft silicone finish, in a perfect harmony. Adding a unique character to the lamp design, the small VITA Idea exposed filament bulb was designed to put the Acorn lampshade in the best light, by offering a warm yet alluring bright light.

Where to find its perfect spot in your home? We think that our chic VITA Acorn would fit perfectly in a small, stylish room, but also in beautiful clusters in bigger spaces. Just let your imagination wander!

 And because all our lamps have a fascinating story behind them, we’ll let Jacob Rudbeck, VITA Acorn’s external designer, to tell it.

“The story behind Acorn is that I wanted to design a small and simple lamp. I was working with different elements but wasn't happy with the shape at the time. I have always been inspired by nature and suddenly I realised that the elements I was designing to create beautiful lighting matched the shape and construction of an acorn. The Acorn lamp is not meant as a replica of a real acorn – what I really like is that you must use your imagination to 'discover' the likeness (unless you know it). I think it brings some excitement to the design, explained Jacob.

Curious how it will look in your home? Just try our VITA Unfold at Home App and see this beautiful lamp in the interior of your home. The app is available for download, free of charge, and ready to be enjoyed!