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Clava Dine – bring the cosy feeling to the dinner table!

What makes a house a home? For some, it is that peaceful, blissful silence they get after a hectic day, for others it is that warm, cosy place where they feel safe and where they connect with the people they love. It is the luring smell of freshly baked bread, the big collection of books or vintage records laying on the floor, the adorable pet sneaking onto the couch, or the traditions they have with the loved ones.

Home is wherever your happiness is; home is wherever you gather friends and family around the dining table to share smiles and joy, to collect beautiful stories and create memorable experiences. The Clava Dine is more than a lampshade – it is a lampshade with a purpose: to bring that cosy feeling to the dinner table.

Built on the success gained by VITA Clava, a small and chic lampshade with retro hints, perfect for beautiful clusters, Clave Dine is its bigger sister that shares the same exquisite design. With a graceful silhouette and a raw metallic finish, Clava Dine makes a stylish and stunning statement, while having a discreet exclusive look. The small symmetric holes around the lampshade gently diffuse an ambient light, while also creating a directional downward light to any modern space. The lamp comes in matte white, brushed brass, brushed copper and polished steel, to match any place in your home, either above the cosy coffee table or the big dining table.

Curious to know how it will fit your home? Just try our VITA Unfold at Home App, an augmented reality app that allows you to see how the VITA lampshades look in your home before buying them. You will be able to select different sizes, colours or designs. The app is available for download for iPhones and iPads, and Clava Dine found its place on the app’s “shelf”, together with the other VITA “gems”.

And when you decide to welcome a Clava Dine in your home, don’t forget its “magic power” – to gather the special people in your life around the dining table and to help you “knit” beautiful memories and big dreams. Love it as much as we do!