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Showing the true colours of a white VITA lampshade

At VITA, we believe that every home deserves the best lighting design. For us, a lampshade is more than a nice fixture that provides light whenever it is dark. For us, a lampshade is an accessory that compliments a home, tells a story about it, and adds a bit of charm. It gives it character and personality.

We think that home is wherever our VITA lamps shine, and that is why we want all our beautiful lampshades to belong to a space and to give it an identity; to be part of the family and to fit in. We want our lamps to be the perfect match for any home.

We have been asked several times why most of our lamps are white, and if we could add some colourful touches to some of them. We love our white lampshades as much as we love the ones with different colour finishes, and that is why we have a diverse array of colours, sizes and shapes. But since there are millions of colours in this world and since each interior décor is unique, how would you choose the perfect colour for your home?

It’s a good question with an even better answer – you first make sure that you have your favourite white VITA lampshade in your home. Would you like to shine a subtle purple light tonight? Or maybe a fresh green or a playful orange one? Just add a colourful light bulb and you will have a different lampshade in no time. And if you are not sure what colour to choose, take a smart multi-coloured lightbulb, that lets you pick and instantly change the colour shades of the light.

Our friends from LIFX, a company that produces WiFi enabled LED bulbs, were curious to see what our beautiful white lampshades would look like in a colourful palette. They paired their bulbs to our VITA Conia and VITA Eos and started “playing” with 16 million different colour shades. The result was mesmerizing! And because exciting news need to be shared, we are sharing this Photo Gallery with you, if you need a bit of colour and inspiration for your interior design.