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Goodbye, Norway! We are on our way to France!

After leaving Denmark and Sweden behind, it is time to pack our bags once again – we say goodbye to Norway.

We have spent almost one week in the country of some of the wildest and most beautiful fjords.  We started our Norwegian journey on August 25, when we visited Tønsberg, Norway´s oldest town. From there, we moved to Oslo. We had our first stop at House of Oslo, where Kateryna Savchenko, one of our artists for a good cause, painted on lovely flowery pattern on a Silvia lamp.

August 27, our “living room on wheels” headed to Gave & Interiør trade fair, one of the main “arenas” for interior design and inspiration. A bit of rain, some sunshine and lots of fun and happy mood – this is how we would describe the 4 days spent at the exhibition. We had several exciting events and competitions, and we also welcomed in our “living room on wheels” two other very talented artists.

Jeanne-Sophie Neoyookaï, a stained-glass artist, visited us at the fair, bringing a wonderful surprise: a VITA lamp painted and decorated with pieces of glass. An enchanting art, the glass-stained art is moving towards a contemporary movement. How is it kept alive and spiced up? Read in a captivating interview here.

Our last day at Gave & Interiørmessen was under the sign of… Batman. Sesilie Vea Thorsen, an interior designer blogger, imprinted a fascinating Batman universe on one of our lamps which, together with the others, will be auctioned for a good cause, at the end of the tour.

By now, dear VITA on Tour friend, you might be curious to see the fascinating lamps painted by our artists or photos from our events. We have great news for you – all of them are gathered in a fun Photo Gallery here.

We are now closing our “Scandinavian journey” chapter, but not before opening a new one. Just like a bird, time has come to head south. France, we will see you in a couple of days for Maison & Objet exhibition in Paris! We won’t leave France before visiting Tours, Rouen, Carnac, Nice, Lyon, and Cluses, as well. Find the places we visit and the exact dates here!