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It can be a difficult decision to choose a new lampshade for your home, but with this guide in hand, we tried to make things a little bit easier. By having a look at your favourite TV show, you will find the VITA lampshade that will fit both your interior décor and personality. Give it a try and let our lamps bring light to your beloved TV characters.

Game of Thrones

Starks, Lannisters and Tyrells. If these names ring a bell, you must be a true GoT fan. For you, it is all about shining armour, breath-taking nature and beautiful landscapes, as well as magical creatures and big romances. Give your home a touch of the series by adding a VITA Silvia brushed brass to your interior décor. With its beautiful leaves, this design will remind you of the knights of The North. Let it light up your home, for the night is dark and full of…magic?

Beverly Hills, 90210

What is the first US zip code that springs to mind? Is it 90210? Then you must have been young in the 90’s, where Kelly, Brandon, Steve and Donna graced your television screens. You still long for that simple time, with 90’s perms and pastel colours and what you wouldn’t do to go back! Although not a time machine, with its array of beautiful, modern pastel colours, the VITA Carmina can re-create some of the magic of this decade. Use it as a spotlight as you sing the Beverly Hills 90210 theme melody or simply place it on a tripod for a subtler use.


Maybe you are not that familiar with US zip codes. But for sure, the first North American city that springs to mind is New York. No? In your eyes, the big apple lies in Dallas – the location of one of the biggest hit shows of the 80’s. You wish you were born into an oligarch dynasty and hoped to be a Pamela or Bobby, marrying amid a feud between families. It doesn’t matter if that never happened to you, we’ve got the perfect lampshade to put things right. The VITA Clava Dine will bring some grandeur and industrial feeling into your home. Let its aluminium material remind you of oil towers and the round holes around the shade remind you of shining diamonds - just like a true oligarch family.


Your career goal is to be a delivery boy for Planet Express in a 31st century New York, where spotted owls have replaced rats as a common pest. Your reply to an invitation usually reads, “I’m 40 % cummingtonite.” If this is true, then your favourite series is probably Futurama. New technologies, retrofitted designs and stars in space - you love all of it! Good news everyone, with its retro-futuristic look, the VITA Asteria will be a delicate Futurama design statement for your home. Even its technology is modern, with built-in LED panels to shine a bright light into the future.

Mad Men

You often dream yourself away to that 1960’s nostalgia, flying in slow motion between high rises and making up catchphrases and slogans to delight in your overbearing surroundings. Mad Men has left you mad about all of the above. So why not have your own little ‘mad man’ in your home by suiting your lightbulb with a dashing, 60’s inspired hat? Made of felt, the VITA Shade will turn your lightbulb into a Mad Men lookalike, putting shade on all lemons and fads of past interior decorations. The VITA Shade comes in “any colour, as long as it’s black”. Or white and grey.


“How you doin’?” When walking onto a plane, if you cannot answer that question before you have checked out the left phalange, you must not be a Friends fan! You think you know a lot about dinosaurs and (made-up) karate terms such as ‘Unaki’ because you’re all about Friends. Best in pairs, the VITA Alva will be the perfect Friends reunion, whether on TV or with your actual, real-life friends. As if taken out of Central Perk, this lampshade has a striking design that will be a conversation starter and will increase your coffee budget.


Those corners! We all have them in our house, apartment or room, unless you are one of the few who lives in an oval-shaped building. Many of us struggle when looking for the perfect use of a corner or sometimes we don’t even give it a thought and leave it as it is. Nonetheless, the corners of the room can be used for much more than empty spaces and that odd space where dust bunnies reside.

Close your eyes and think of a corner in your home. Is it in your living room? Bedroom? Hall? What would be your dream use of that corner? Still finding it difficult? We’ve got some ideas and lampshades to get you started!

Blissful relaxation...

You can always count on cosy big furniture to create a relaxing atmosphere. It can be used as a place to slow down after a long day or on a rainy Sunday afternoon, where snuggling up in a soft chair, a blanket and in the company of your favourite author is all you need. Moreover, sometimes a third wheel as company is not all that bad. At least a VITA Shade would create the perfect companion! This accessory will adjust the direction of light from the lightbulb and shield the unwanted glare. Put the Shade on a trendy lightbulb and simply fine-tune it to send the light in your direction, putting everything else in the shade.

Purifying greens...

Plants and flowers continue to be an interior trend and if you haven’t already, maybe it’s time to get some in the corner of your home? Not only will they bring nature into your home, but also, they will delight your senses and help you energize. Another useful power of plants is their ability to clean the air from toxic gasses and freshen up the indoor climate. Give your plants the spotlight with a VITA Carmina mini. Put the plant on a tripod upside down and it will look like a blossoming flower in itself, making sure that your plants will still be the centre of attention. And while you’re at it, why pollute the fresh air created by your plants? Pair a Carmina with our Idea 6W, a smart LED A+ lightbulb that is a great non-toxic energy saving solution.

Corner up your small problem...

Sometimes, you have a corner that is too small for placing any furniture in, but too big to be left unnoticed. We have all tried the furniture waltz to fill these spaces, moving around, back and forth, trying with plants, paintings and lighting. But no matter what you do, the corner is still an empty spot screaming for attention.
We’ve got you covered with the newest addition to the Eos family - VITA Eos Up, which is half the size of the Eos. By putting a big design in a small space, you can light up your corner and enjoy a large personality in a tiny fixture, making sure your corner will only attract attention for positive reasons in the future. 

Troubles in sofa paradise...

No matter the size of the living room, a sofa often leaves an annoying corner next to it. Sometimes it works with a plant but other times, you may want to fill the space with a beautiful lamp that can provide you with that warm, cosy light. While fulfilling both of those requirements, the VITA Silvia is even more than that. Whether you sit or lie down on the sofa in the arms of that special person, its mesmerizing design provides a glare free glow and hides the lightbulb from every angle.


This fall, let’s fall in love! Let’s fall in love with bold colours, seductive shapes, and refined materials; with geometric patterns, edgy lines, and delicate contours. These are the key concepts of our new line of lighting designs, an endeavour into past, present, and future; into new materials, innovative technologies, and reinvented constructions.



Born at the crossroads of design, technology, and craftsmanship, VITA Asteria echoes a design from the future and for the future. This lampshade incorporates built-in LED technology in a sleek, minimalist shape. It embodies the perfect blend of straight masculine lines and a graceful feminine silhouette, a hi-tech look with a cosy vibe.

Casting a bright, lively light, VITA Asteria comes in a seductive and trendy six-colour palette to match and complement any interior design, from a contemporary or high design décor to a futuristic or even retro one. Choose between pearl white, petrol blue, forest green, ruby red, saffron yellow, or anthracite grey. Place it above the coffee table or dinner table; its slim shape will ensure that nothing is obscuring the view of guests sitting opposite you, and its diffused light will ensure a blind-free glow.

“The illusion of earthly weightlessness had to be challenged by a light design that defies gravity. Today’s LED technology makes for thinner and smaller lighting fixtures, but they still have to resemble a lampshade. The VITA Asteria is just so—slim and simple, a stroke of light hovering above, a touch of the future and yes, breath-taking, like stars in space!” explains Soren Ravn Christensen, founder and Chief Creative Developer.



Start your journey from the depths of the oceans, to the bustling city, passing through the enchanting forests, all in one eclectic product—this is the quintessence of VITA Aluvia.

Its characteristic geometrical blades are made from aluminium, giving the VITA Aluvia a distinctive edge, while making it lightweight and durable at the same time. Choose between subtle pearl or vibrant anthracite, and one of the two sizes available, mini and medium. VITA Aluvia is meant to amplify the beauty of your interior design, making your home cosy, classic, and refined, while also bringing a touch of nature.

“Imagine if flowers could light up. They would create the most playful dancing shadows, spinning around and making everything come to life! VITA Aluvia embodies just that – nature’s magic in your home,” adds Soren Ravn Christensen.



Half the size of the iconic VITA Eos lampshade and the better half of any wall or ceiling. This is the new VITA Eos Up, the perfect companion for small spaces in need of big designs.

Made from all-natural goose feathers, this lampshade gives a soft, warm light that adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior décor. Its ingenious construction makes it easy to be mounted directly on the ceiling or on a wall.

“Lacking space? Whether it’s in width or height, you need light to make your small areas come to life. It should be soft yet full of light creating small glowing dots on walls and in ceilings making the Eos Up the answer to big designs in small places,” concluded Soren Ravn Christensen.


It’s about special things intermingling with the expected, and human discoveries sparking from the surroundings. Think about a champagne glass, and elegant lights on a tree. What do they have in common? Straight and curved lines, style and glamour, all arising from nature. These are the key concepts for our new line of accessories, faithful to our core values.

Natural functionality embraces graceful aesthetics in the new VITA Champagne and VITA Willow designs, two accessories that will make any lampshades glow up and above, from just the right distance.



Imagine a pendant light… upside down, raising delicately from the floor. This is the special power of the VITA Champagne! Inspired by the delicate glamour of a Champagne glass, this stylish floor stand was designed to be an elegant accompaniment to everyday celebrations.

VITA Champagne’s simple and smooth shape is “spiced up” by the stainless-steel pull switch, adding a distinctive edge to its clean, minimalistic lines. Available in both black and white, this sturdy floor stand can be paired with either a stunning lampshade or with just a trendy light bulb. Its visually “silent” expression will bring the best out of your light, perfectly blending with any interior design elements in a home.

How’s the VITA Champagne seen through the eyes of its designer? "Through all the glitter and glamour of a festive occasion, there’s always the one that, with quiet grace and elegance, draws our eyes—without even trying," explains Anders Klem.



Have you ever dreamed about lampshades hanging from a tree? How many years would it take for them to grow in a home? This is the special power of the VITA Willow! Inspired by the alluring elegance of the willow trees, this wall accessory was designed for all those design aficionados looking for a stylish way to mount a pendant light in that perfect spot on a wall.  

VITA Willow boasts a subtle yet sturdy design emphasised by its lightweight and durable aluminium composition. Available in either a single or a double version, this lighting accessory will make it possible and easy to have one or two pendant lamps hanging next to each other in various positions or swinging them around for different purposes.

A flexible design and a beautiful, functional shape. Available in either black or white, the VITA Willow will fit into any living room, bedroom, or hallway. Practical cosiness, at its best! Just place it near the bed, behind the couch, in a corner… anywhere!

Light travels quickly, extraordinary designs stand.

How to get more out of your lighting

Let’s admit it—we live in a world that is changing faster than ever before. We make fast changes, take quick decisions, do multiple things at the same time and adapt accordingly. We expect our surroundings to do the same. We change places or homes, we change interior decors and decorations. Multi-functionality has become increasingly valued.

How about having designs that are able to change as quickly as you want them to? With this thought in mind, we have focused on creating stylish and functional designs that can serve multiple purposes. Most of our lampshades are a 2-in-1 or even 3-in-1 lampshades. Take, for example, the iconic VITA Eos lampshade. Made from all natural goose feathers, this exquisite fixture can be used as a ceiling lamp or mounted on a table lamp or floor lamp base.
The versatile nature of VITA Conia, or VITA Carmina means it can be used as a pendant, a floor or table lamp, and it can also be flipped around. Three different ways to re-purpose your lampshade and give your interior design a fresh touch.

The multi-functionality of our designs doesn’t stop at lampshades only. With an ingenious construction, the VITA Tripod Base is an adjustable 2-in-1 tripod. Its elegant and sturdy aluminium legs can be placed either in a ‘low’ or in a ‘high’ position, making it a versatile design for multiple lamps and purposes.

NEW designs are springing up! - VIDEO

We planted some feathers in the ground during the winter. Watch the video and see what happened! On top of that, we’ve got an Idea!

We know you’ve been waiting for a couple of new Eos family members, and we are pleased to welcome the new VITA Eos mini and micro in light grey. You know what they say—Happiness is enjoying the little things in life, so embrace the newcomers!

We also mentioned an Idea. The new Idea LED 13W — our most powerful lightbulb and the brightest bulb of the Idea family. With a colour temperature of 4000K and an equivalent of 100W incandescent bulb power, it offers an energetic cool white light. The opal plastic diffuser adds character to its design and an extra dash of sturdiness.

The Idea 13W lightbulb is perfect for general, cool white lighting in any spaces, and it can be paired with a wide range of VITA lamps.

Emerge your surroundings in light, and don’t forget to enjoy the little things in life!

Something was missing … VITA Eos large light brown


Sometimes, things need to be smaller, sometimes bigger. Some other times it is a matter of finding the right size in between. That is why we are introducing the VITA Eos large light brown. It is the newest addition to our VITA Eos light brown family, complementing the medium and extra-large versions.

Inspired by the earth tones of the Nordic landscape, the VITA Eos light brown creates an embracing warmth with its subtle seductiveness. A solid colour for a feathery lampshade—while the colour brings you down to earth, the feathers will lift your senses.

Creating a feeling of calmness, this is not only a seductive neutral colour but also a practical one. The VITA Eos light brown is the perfect match for modern interior décors, adding a sensual and warm touch. It will bring a distinctive sense of comfort and elegance to your space, whether in a contemporary living room or in a classic bedroom.

The VITA Eos large is now available in three different colours: light brown, white and light grey. Not so big, not so small, all sophisticated and stylish.

Tell me what you like …and I’ll tell you what lamp you should have in your home

Finding a lampshade that fits your home and your personality at the same time can be a challenge sometimes. With a wide array of options comes a wide array of decisions to make. We can save you some time!

If you like to dream…

There is a bit of a dreamer in all of us, and in some more than others. If you find yourself having your head in the clouds and daydreaming, then our Eos Collection will definitely put you on cloud nine! Made from all natural goose feathers and with a refined elegance, this lampshade provides soft, beautiful light, and it has a unique charm even when not illuminated. Light as a feather, the VITA Eos is perfect for a dreamer like you!

If you like to explore…

Is curiosity your middle name? Than VITA Lora is the lamp for you! Marvel at its fascinating pattern and discover new shapes each time you admire it. Mesmerising and unusual, this “puzzle” lampshade can be used both as a pendant and as a floor lamp. If you are seeking new “light adventures”, pair this lamp with a colorful light bulb and get ready for a whole new setting to explore.

If you like nature…

There’s something almost magical about forests – the majestic trees and their leaves rustling in the wind, the blissful silence and the picturesque flora. Serene, mysterious and beautiful, forests conjure up images of fairy tales and enchantments. With a clear design reference to the alluring shape of pine cones, the VITA Conia lampshades will bring nature’s charm right into your home.

Are you fascinated by the mighty oak trees? Then the Acorn Pendant is the right shade for you!

If you like to be surprised…

Things don’t always look as they seem. If that prospect is something that entices you, then we have the perfect match – the VITA Ripples. Admire these chic lampshades from a distance and you will soon wonder if they are made of porcelain. Don’t be tricked, though, by their delicate appearance – they are actually covered by an innovative silicone layer, making them soft, sturdy and unbreakable. We told you that Ripples collection is perfect for someone who appreciates surprises!

If you like it a bit rough…

Clean lines and subtle tones are great in terms of design, but you are looking for more than that, right?! For you, it’s all about that special edge! With a graceful silhouette, yet a raw metallic finish, the VITA Clava Dine is the answer to your (light) wishes. This lampshade has a stylish and exclusive look and it adds a discreet industrial touch to any interior. Our Clava Dine comes in brushed brass, brushed copper, matte white and polished steel to complement any place in your home, either above the cosy coffee table or next to the large dining table.

If you like colours…

From soothing pastels to bright tones – you love them all! If you are crazy about colours, then one of the six lamps in the VITA Carmina collection is the ideal choice for you. Choose a Carmina Mini Sahara in a happy sunshine yellow tone or a Carmina Mini Azure or Turquoise for a brighter touch. If you are looking for a trendy color, then be certain to select the Carmina Mini Baby Rose or Misty Grey, two of the most sought-after colours of the year.

A Celebration of Light—VITA Alva & VITA Shade

At VITA copenhagen, we are all about light. And why wouldn’t we be? Lux est VITAe essentia (Light is essential to life). That is why our newest designs, VITA Alva, VITA Shade and the new VITA Idea, are a tribute to light and a celebration of its beauty.

Resembling the beautiful shape of the Edison lightbulb, The VITA Alva is a lampshade with a twist. The spiral shape of this alluring yet simple design seduces with its sinuous, curvy lines. Offering a lively gradient-effect glow, the VITA Alva fits into a wide range of interior decors, from an eclectic living room or kitchen, to a modern bedroom or bathroom. Best in pairs, these lampshades come in two different sizes and can be arranged in a straight line or in a cluster.

Sometimes, to get the perfect light, you need the perfect shade. The VITA Shade is meant to do just that! This design piece combines aesthetics with functionality and ensures a simple, useful accessory for the lightbulb. Used on a pendant bulb or tripod, the VITA Shade will help you adjust the direction and amount of light, while shielding any unwanted glare. All you have to do is fine-tune the position of the VITA Shade on the lightbulb. What bulb would be the best companion? The VITA Idea 3W 125 mm.

With a focus on both the environment and the quality of light, we have just introduced the Idea 3W 125 mm bulb, a smart LED A+ lightbulb that pays tribute to the beautiful and simple design of the original Thomas Edison lightbulb. After all, 2017 marks the 170 years’ anniversary of Edison’s birth. Offering a warm, soft light that powers on immediately when it is turned on, this decorative bulb has a high colour rendering index to mimic the vivid light found in nature. As we mentioned, we are starting this year in a new light. A celebration of light, that is!


Meet the new VITA Acorn white!


Resembling the gentle nut, and with a classy and exclusive look, the VITA Acorn, introduced in a black finish top in 2016, has quickly become one of the most sough-after designs. The VITA Acorn with a white finish top, compliments this family of lampshades, adding an extra touch of variety. The VITA Acorn combines a trendy glass look, raw metallic accents and a soft silicone finish, in a perfect harmony. Adding a unique character to the lamp design, the small VITA Idea exposed filament bulb was designed to put the Acorn lampshade in the best light, by offering a warm and soft light.

“The story behind Acorn is that I wanted to design a small and simple lamp. I was working with different elements but wasn't happy with the shape at the time. I have always been inspired by nature and suddenly I realised that the elements I was designing to create beautiful lighting matched the shape and construction of an acorn. The Acorn lamp is not meant as a replica of a real acorn – what I really like is that you must use your imagination to 'discover' the likeness (unless you know it). I think it brings some excitement to the design.”, explained Jacob Rudbeck, VITA Acorn’s external designer.

The chic and dashing VITA Acorn would fit perfectly in a small, stylish room, but it can also be used in beautiful clusters in bigger spaces. For creating playful clusters of two or three pendant lamps in a straight line or at different heights, the VITA Cannonball Cluster is the newest accessory from the company. Inspired by the perfectly round shape of a sphere, the VITA Cannonball Cluster is a discreet and organic silicone canopy created for hanging any pendant lights in an elegant way, and serving a double purpose: a loop-in lighting wiring system and a unique way to decorate the pendant cord.

VITA Silvia Create – don’t draw on the table. Draw on the lamp!

Draw. Paint. Print. The iconic Silvia lampshade has become a creative canvas. Made of watercolour paper, the new VITA Silvia Create lets you imagine and customize your own lamp.

Interior designers and interior aficionados alike know that a lampshade is more than a nice fixture that provides light whenever it is dark. It is an accessory that complements a home, tells a story about it, and adds a bit of charm. What could it give more character and personality than your own creative touch?

With this thought in mind, we launched VITA Silvia Create. Just like the beloved VITA Silvia lampshade, the VITA Silvia Create is made of individual “leaves” that are assembled into a beautiful glare-free light. The VITA Silvia Create’s special watercolour paper leaves let you express your artistic side and paint, draw, or print your favourite pattern on each leaf. From acrylic paint to water-based markers or spray paint, a vast array of painting materials can be used. In addition, ready-made templates can be downloaded and printed directly onto the lamp’s leaves. To further foster your creativity, all templates can be used as colouring spaces, giving a whole new dimension to the VITA Silvia Create’s potential. If your imagination can’t fit on a lamp only, then we’ve got you covered—just order some new watercolour leaves, and be ready to unleash your artistic side.

Whether drawing, colouring, painting, or printing on the new VITA Silvia Create, the result is strikinga personalised VITA Silvia lampshade with a one-of-a-kind story and a distinctive identity. Because good news come in pairs, we are introducing #MySilviaCreatea virtual creative space where you can share your VITA Silvia Create designs and find inspiration from other creative minds.

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