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March 01, 2017

March 01, 2017

Something was missing … VITA Eos large light brown


Sometimes, things need to be smaller, sometimes bigger. Some other times it is a matter of finding the right size in between. That is why we are introducing the VITA Eos large light brown. It is the newest addition to our VITA Eos light brown family, complementing the medium and extra-large versions.

Inspired by the earth tones of the Nordic landscape, the VITA Eos light brown creates an embracing warmth with its subtle seductiveness. A solid colour for a feathery lampshade—while the colour brings you down to earth, the feathers will lift your senses.

Creating a feeling of calmness, this is not only a seductive neutral colour but also a practical one. The VITA Eos light brown is the perfect match for modern interior décors, adding a sensual and warm touch. It will bring a distinctive sense of comfort and elegance to your space, whether in a contemporary living room or in a classic bedroom.

The VITA Eos large is now available in three different colours: light brown, white and light grey. Not so big, not so small, all sophisticated and stylish.

February 17, 2017

Competition: Let’s shine kindness!

They say it is like a boomerang; that it could happen to every one of you; that it’s infectious, but doing it makes you feel good. What are we talking about? An act of kindness. A beautiful act of kindness that could change you and the world around you. It only takes one to help one. Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day and we want to share some kindness with you.

We hold a special competition on our Facebook page! Just write in the comments of the competition photo about an act of kindness you were inspired by and, optionally, nominate someone. You have time until Sunday!

Since it is a random act of kindness, we will randomly select one of you who will win an adorable VITA Eos medium white. If you nominate someone, they will also win an Eos medium white. Don’t forget to like our page and tell your friends. After all, kindness should deserve kindness!

Read the Terms and Rules for the competition here.

January 30, 2017

Tell me what you like …and I’ll tell you what lamp you should have in your home

Finding a lampshade that fits your home and your personality at the same time can be a challenge sometimes. With a wide array of options comes a wide array of decisions to make. We can save you some time!

If you like to dream…

There is a bit of a dreamer in all of us, and in some more than others. If you find yourself having your head in the clouds and daydreaming, then our Eos Collection will definitely put you on cloud nine! Made from all natural goose feathers and with a refined elegance, this lampshade provides soft, beautiful light, and it has a unique charm even when not illuminated. Light as a feather, the VITA Eos is perfect for a dreamer like you!

If you like to explore…

Is curiosity your middle name? Than VITA Lora is the lamp for you! Marvel at its fascinating pattern and discover new shapes each time you admire it. Mesmerising and unusual, this “puzzle” lampshade can be used both as a pendant and as a floor lamp. If you are seeking new “light adventures”, pair this lamp with a colorful light bulb and get ready for a whole new setting to explore.

If you like nature…

There’s something almost magical about forests – the majestic trees and their leaves rustling in the wind, the blissful silence and the picturesque flora. Serene, mysterious and beautiful, forests conjure up images of fairy tales and enchantments. With a clear design reference to the alluring shape of pine cones, the VITA Conia lampshades will bring nature’s charm right into your home.

Are you fascinated by the mighty oak trees? Then the Acorn Pendant is the right shade for you!

If you like to be surprised…

Things don’t always look as they seem. If that prospect is something that entices you, then we have the perfect match – the VITA Ripples. Admire these chic lampshades from a distance and you will soon wonder if they are made of porcelain. Don’t be tricked, though, by their delicate appearance – they are actually covered by an innovative silicone layer, making them soft, sturdy and unbreakable. We told you that Ripples collection is perfect for someone who appreciates surprises!

If you like it a bit rough…

Clean lines and subtle tones are great in terms of design, but you are looking for more than that, right?! For you, it’s all about that special edge! With a graceful silhouette, yet a raw metallic finish, the VITA Clava Dine is the answer to your (light) wishes. This lampshade has a stylish and exclusive look and it adds a discreet industrial touch to any interior. Our Clava Dine comes in brushed brass, brushed copper, matte white and polished steel to complement any place in your home, either above the cosy coffee table or next to the large dining table.

If you like colours…

From soothing pastels to bright tones – you love them all! If you are crazy about colours, then one of the six lamps in the VITA Carmina collection is the ideal choice for you. Choose a Carmina Small Sahara in a happy sunshine yellow tone or a Carmina Small Azure or Turquoise for a brighter touch. If you are looking for a trendy color, then be certain to select the Carmina Small Baby Rose or Misty Grey, two of the most sought-after colours of the year.

January 04, 2017

A Celebration of Light—VITA Alva & VITA Shade

At VITA copenhagen, we are all about light. And why wouldn’t we be? Lux est VITAe essentia (Light is essential to life). That is why our newest designs, VITA Alva, VITA Shade and the new VITA Idea, are a tribute to light and a celebration of its beauty.

Resembling the beautiful shape of the Edison lightbulb, The VITA Alva is a lampshade with a twist. The spiral shape of this alluring yet simple design seduces with its sinuous, curvy lines. Offering a lively gradient-effect glow, the VITA Alva fits into a wide range of interior decors, from an eclectic living room or kitchen, to a modern bedroom or bathroom. Best in pairs, these lampshades come in two different sizes and can be arranged in a straight line or in a cluster.

Sometimes, to get the perfect light, you need the perfect shade. The VITA Shade is meant to do just that! This design piece combines aesthetics with functionality and ensures a simple, useful accessory for the lightbulb. Used on a pendant bulb or tripod, the VITA Shade will help you adjust the direction and amount of light, while shielding any unwanted glare. All you have to do is fine-tune the position of the VITA Shade on the lightbulb. What bulb would be the best companion? The VITA Idea 3W 125 mm.

With a focus on both the environment and the quality of light, we have just introduced the Idea 3W 125 mm bulb, a smart LED A+ lightbulb that pays tribute to the beautiful and simple design of the original Thomas Edison lightbulb. After all, 2017 marks the 170 years’ anniversary of Edison’s birth. Offering a warm, soft light that powers on immediately when it is turned on, this decorative bulb has a high colour rendering index to mimic the vivid light found in nature. As we mentioned, we are starting this year in a new light. A celebration of light, that is!


January 04, 2017

Meet the new VITA Acorn white!


Resembling the gentle nut, and with a classy and exclusive look, the VITA Acorn, introduced in a black finish top in 2016, has quickly become one of the most sough-after designs. The VITA Acorn with a white finish top, compliments this family of lampshades, adding an extra touch of variety. The VITA Acorn combines a trendy glass look, raw metallic accents and a soft silicone finish, in a perfect harmony. Adding a unique character to the lamp design, the small VITA Idea exposed filament bulb was designed to put the Acorn lampshade in the best light, by offering a warm and soft light.

“The story behind Acorn is that I wanted to design a small and simple lamp. I was working with different elements but wasn't happy with the shape at the time. I have always been inspired by nature and suddenly I realised that the elements I was designing to create beautiful lighting matched the shape and construction of an acorn. The Acorn lamp is not meant as a replica of a real acorn – what I really like is that you must use your imagination to 'discover' the likeness (unless you know it). I think it brings some excitement to the design.”, explained Jacob Rudbeck, VITA Acorn’s external designer.

The chic and dashing VITA Acorn would fit perfectly in a small, stylish room, but it can also be used in beautiful clusters in bigger spaces. For creating playful clusters of two or three pendant lamps in a straight line or at different heights, the VITA Cannonball Cluster is the newest accessory from the company. Inspired by the perfectly round shape of a sphere, the VITA Cannonball Cluster is a discreet and organic silicone canopy created for hanging any pendant lights in an elegant way, and serving a double purpose: a loop-in lighting wiring system and a unique way to decorate the pendant cord.

December 01, 2016

It’s that time of the year! Let’s bring your friends some cheer!

Turn on the holiday tunes. Share some kindness, buy some gifts. Wrap the presents, write the cards. Yes, it’s that time of the year! And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than bringing some cheer to the special people in your life?!

Since at VITA copenhagen we are all about light, we decided to help you light up your friends’ holidays. Starting December 1 and until the Christmas Eve, you can nominate a special person in your life that you would like to treat with a VITA gift. Each day will bring a new VITA lampshade-gift, so you can nominate as many people in your life as you want, as many days as you want. And because the holiday spirit is all about sharing kindness and joy, we will make sure we’ll treat you too! Afterwards, kindness should deserve kindness!

So what do you have to do? Check our Facebook page for the daily post. Leave a comment where you tag a friend whom you would like to win the VITA lamp of that day. You can send them a greeting too, wish them something nice or just nominate them – after all they know they mean the world to you! Hard to decide which friend to tag? Then nominate as many as you want, but in different comments. And because December is a month full of joy, you can participate in our competition every day. We will select one winner among the friends for each day, and once a week you get the chance to win something too – our beautiful VITA Eos large! All the winners will be announced on each Monday during the competition.

This holiday, you don’t have to worry about finding gifts for your friends! We have them ready! Enter our competition here and be sure to like our Facebook page, so you don’t miss out!

Read the Terms and Rules for the competition here.

November 02, 2016

VITA Silvia Create – don’t draw on the table. Draw on the lamp!

Draw. Paint. Print. The iconic Silvia lampshade has become a creative canvas. Made of watercolour paper, the new VITA Silvia Create lets you imagine and customize your own lamp.

Interior designers and interior aficionados alike know that a lampshade is more than a nice fixture that provides light whenever it is dark. It is an accessory that complements a home, tells a story about it, and adds a bit of charm. What could it give more character and personality than your own creative touch?

With this thought in mind, we launched VITA Silvia Create. Just like the beloved VITA Silvia lampshade, the VITA Silvia Create is made of individual “leaves” that are assembled into a beautiful glare-free light. The VITA Silvia Create’s special watercolour paper leaves let you express your artistic side and paint, draw, or print your favourite pattern on each leaf. From acrylic paint to water-based markers or spray paint, a vast array of painting materials can be used. In addition, ready-made templates can be downloaded and printed directly onto the lamp’s leaves. To further foster your creativity, all templates can be used as colouring spaces, giving a whole new dimension to the VITA Silvia Create’s potential. If your imagination can’t fit on a lamp only, then we’ve got you covered—just order some new watercolour leaves, and be ready to unleash your artistic side.

Whether drawing, colouring, painting, or printing on the new VITA Silvia Create, the result is strikinga personalised VITA Silvia lampshade with a one-of-a-kind story and a distinctive identity. Because good news come in pairs, we are introducing #MySilviaCreatea virtual creative space where you can share your VITA Silvia Create designs and find inspiration from other creative minds.

October 05, 2016


Between the hottest trends and the enduring classics, you can find trendy and timeless colours, patterns, or shapes—those aspects of designs that will always be in vogue. A must-have for autumn/winter as well as a tone that will define next year, “brushed brass” is a sophisticated interior trend that never goes out of style—just like the VITA Silvia and VITA Conia designs. That is why it was only natural to add this elegant and refined touch of metallic shine to these two iconic designs.

Inspired by nature and with their characteristic organic, triangular-shaped blades, the VITA Silvia and VITA Conia lamps cast a warm and glare-free ambient light, making them artistic pieces to illuminate that special spot in a home. The stylish brushed brass colour confers a glamourous edge to the design and tells a “story” of authenticity and timelessness.

The VITA Silvia and VITA Conia’s new exquisite brass colour makes these lamps a must-have for the holiday season and the “stars” of any environment. They look stunning in a classic or traditional setting and, at the same time, they perfectly complement any contemporary or eclectic décors. The subtle brushed brass accents make the VITA Silvia and VITA Conia lamps stand out and bring all the other home decorations to life, elegantly enhancing each other while creating a sleek designer look.

Available in a mini and medium size, the brushed brass finish is an addition to the white, copper, and steel versions of the VITA Silvia lamp and to the white and copper versions of VITA Conia. These could be used either as pendants, floor lamps, or table lamps, making these lamps versatile design pieces. Because the light bulb is not visible from any angle, these stylish lampshades are perfect for any height and any place in a home.

September 07, 2016

VITA Sine-A perpetual dance of symmetry and asymmetry

See, touch, feel, embrace. It’s easy to let your mind wander and your eyes undulate to the rhythm of the Sine, a lampshade designed to lure and engage your senses.

Combining a fascinating shape with a seductive material, the VITA Sine is the newest design from VITA copenhagen. Its harmonious organic pattern contrasts symmetry and asymmetry, dark and light, grey and white, ups and downs, creating a remarkably different look depending on the angle from which it’s viewed, and imprinting an apparent motion and a dynamic vibe to the lamp. “This timeless contemporary piece is reminiscent of the perpetual oscillation of a smooth sine wave. Depending on the position of the observer, the shape of the lamp constantly alternates between symmetry and asymmetry, making it seem alive.”, explains Miklos Leits, the designer behind the VITA Sine lampshade.

The tactile sense is as much delighted as the sight sense. The smooth layer of felt conveys a distinctive character and creates a cosy feel, evocative of the Nordic style and philosophy. Exquisite, intrinsically simple, yet with an attitude twist, the VITA Sine comes as a flat-packed lampshade that can be assembled without glue or any tools. Hidden zippers along the edges transform the 2-D flat geometric shapes into a stunning 3-D silhouette.

VITA Sine’s aesthetics are only matched by the warm and diffused light it offers. “The VITA Sine lamp was designed with the intention of preventing unpleasant glare from the light source, therefore the light bulb is fully embraced by the interlocking light diffuser plates, lending an extraordinary softened light to any space. Because of its subdued and sleek shape, the lamp is meant to complement a wide range of interior styles.”, concludes Miklos Leits. With an exclusive, yet playful design, and a completely glare-free glow, this lampshade can be placed in any spot, in any environment. All you have to do is to see, touch, feel, love.

September 07, 2016

VITA Eos Micro–Enjoy the little things in life


That snowflake landing in your palm on a crisp winter day. That smell of the spring blossoming flowers. That seashell you still keep to remind you of summer. That sound of rustling leaves in the autumn breeze. Life is made of moments; it’s made of all those small things that make the moments big. And this is what VITA Eos Micro echoes: Enjoy the little things in life–they make the moments big!

With its ‘petite’ allure and cute charm, the new VITA Eos Micro is the smallest version of the VITA Eos family of lampshades. Don’t be tricked by its dainty look–this goose feathers lampshade is definitely a big design, perfect for making a subtle statement, yet a lasting image about any interior décor.

“Not only that the now famous Eos feather lamp is the proof of how tactile products can make a difference, but by making the Eos lamp tiny, small and round, the Eos Micro becomes even more cuddly, so you just have to touch and hold it in your arms. Place it anywhere close by and it can provide you with just the right ambience and cosiness for your romantic evening. It's instant love!”, thinks Soren Ravn Christensen, Founder and Chief Creative Developer, and the designer behind the VITA Eos lampshade family.

An epitome of beauty and elegance, the VITA Eos Micro will be an enchanting centrepiece on the coffee table or desk, as well as a great addition to any cosy corner or little space missing a distinctive look. For a creative and playful touch, the VITA Eos Micro lamps can be used in exquisite pairs, or they could be mixed and matched with different other sizes and colours of the VITA Eos lampshade family to obtain beautiful decorative clusters.

September 07, 2016

It’s all about that VITA Tripod Base

Batman had Robin. Sherlock Holmes had Dr. Watson. VITA lampshades have VITA Tripods. Everyone needs a great companion and that perfect match. With this thought in mind, we designed the VITA Tripod Base, the newest addition to our tripods collection.

It’s all about flexibility

The VITA Tripod Floor and the VITA Tripod Table let you turn any lampshade into a floor or table lamp in just seconds. But how about that lampshade you want to have on the floor or that tiny lamp that needs a ‘petite’ tripod? The VITA Tripod Base is just the answer! With an ingenious construction, the VITA Tripod Base is an adjustable 2-in-1 tripod. Its elegant and sturdy legs can be placed either in a ‘low’ or in a ‘high’ position, making it a versatile design for multiple lamps and purposes. Twist, transform and be creative!

“Quite often, having secondary lighting close by and in places where you would like to have that tranquil flickering candlelight atmosphere, such as next to the bed, in the windowsill or on the carpet in the living room, is not possible for obvious hazard reduction reasons. The VITA Tripod Base solves these impediments and provides you with not just one very low position for holding your cosy light shade, but also another slightly higher position for putting on your desk, night stand or similar places. It's brilliant!”, explains Soren Ravn Christensen, Founder and Chief Creative Developer.

It’s all about design

The VITA Tripod Base combines its ingenious functionality with a bold and minimalistic design. The sleek and elegant look evokes the Scandinavian feel and aesthetics. Made of aluminium, and available in both a black and a white finish, the VITA Tripod Base offers great stability yet is light in weight. In a contemporary finish and a subtle industrial tone, this small and practical tripod becomes more than just an accessory for the lamp–the perfect match to light up that dark corner in the room.

Either in a living room, dining room, office or bedroom, the VITA Tripod will make a statement while bringing the best of any lampshade. Just decide if you want it ‘high’ or ‘low’, combine it with a beautiful lamp and let it shine!

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